Kayak Trails

Rend Lake Kayak Trails

There are six trails that have been designated by the Rend Lake Corps of Engineers. You can get a copy of the Kayak Trails brochure at the Visitor Center located on Rend City Road at the west end of the dam. Kayaks can be rented at Black Dog Storage also on Rend City Road, just south of the Visitor Center. (618) 218-8318


CYPRESS VIEW  (Intermediate)  3.66 miles / 2 hours / Picturesque shoreline / fishing opportunities

NORTH GUN CREEK (Advanced Level) / 4.85 miles / 2.5 hours  / Excellent wildlife viewing

JACKIE BRANCH (Beginner Level)  / 2.83 Miles / 1.5 hours  / Excellent for first-time paddlers

MARCUM COVE (Intermediate Level) / 3.7 miles / 2 hours / Fish attractors are located along the trail

SANDUSKY COVE (Beginner Level) / 3.61 miles / 2.25 hours  / Excellent wildlife viewing

TURNIP PATCH (Advanced Level) / Best area for waterfowl viewing