Archery Complex

Rend Lake Archery Complex







This new complex is located within the North Marcum Multiple Resource Area.

It offers a fully equipped archery range with shooting distances from 10 to 50 yards

and an elevated shooting platform that simulates shooting from a tree stand.

A Realistic Shooting Experience







The facility will allow archery enthusiasts time to hone their skills for hunting and competition.

Contact the US Army Corps of Engineers office at (618) 724-2493

The archery range and trail are open

from March 17 – November 12.

The Complex will be closed Sunday, October 1st through January 15th for Deer firearm season

and from June 10 – June 19 for State and National competition.

Donations for using the range and trail are appreciated.

Donations go to the Rend Lake College Archery Team and are used to purchase new range supplies.

All bows are welcome for use on the bag targets. Broadheads are not allowed on any targets.

To host an event, please contact the US Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake at (618) 724-2493