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Out and About: Things to do and see around Rend Lake

Museums: Whether artistic, historical, or real taste of history in a living museum, Southern Illinois provides ample opportunities to step back in time and learn about the rich history of this region.

Theaters: On the big screen or the stage, check out local movie theaters and local productions of your favorite theatrical shows and musicals!

Golfing: Check out our unique golfing courses that appeal from the beginners to the selective advanced player.

Shopping: Looking for antiques or your favorite brand name? The shopping in this area caters to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Winery: No need to travel to the Napa Valley or the valleys of France, come and check out our local wines!

Fun Trails: You've spent time on the lake, now what? Take a look at our theme trails to discover little known areas and places right in your own backyard. From gangsters to fine wine and tributes to our veterans, we have something for everyone!

Around Rend Lake

Rend Lake Resort & Windows Restaurant

Rend Lake Recreation Complex

Rend Lake Hunting Preserve

Artisans Show & Visitors Center

Rend Lake Marina

Rend Lake RV

Rend Lake Golf Course

Seasons Restaurant

Rend Lake College

Rend Lake Visitor Center


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