Rend Lake Rules and Regulations

Rend Lake Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations governing public use of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water esources development projects are published in Title 36, CFR and are posted on bulletin boards or are available from a park ranger. The following additional regulations are in effect for all St. Louis District Corps of Engineers projects as authorized in Title 36, CFR 327.12A. “The District Engineer may establish and post a schedule of visiting hours and/or restrictions on the public use of a project or portion of a project.


  • The operation of powerless flight devices including but not limited to, sail planes, gliders, balloons, body kites, and hang gliders is permitted. Powerless flight devices shall not be operated on any part of the dam, roads, bridges, or over beaches or any other heavy use area.
  • All waste water must be collected in a container and disposed of in authorized disposal facilities. In primitive areas where sanitary facilities are not provided, human waste must be buried 100 feet from any body of water and/or campsite.
  • The use of a Golden Age or Golden Access Passport by someone other then the person to whom it is issued is prohibited.
  • Roadways in recreation areas administered by Corps if Engineers are open to licensed vehicles and licensed drivers.
  • Parking on the grass in any location, along roadsides, or in such a manner as to obstruct traffic is prohibited.

Beaches and Picnic Areas

  • Picnic areas, designated by the project manager and marked with appropriate signs, close at 10:00p.m. Other areas that are not posted will remain open to public use.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on the sand and water portions of all swimming beaches as well as any other nearby facilities normally associated with beaches that are marked with appropriate signs. These facilities may include, but are not limited to, picnic areas, parking lots, picnic shelters, etc.
  • All glass and other dangerous objects, including but not limited to, lawn darts and horseshoes, are prohibited.
  • To avoid unsanitary conditions, food, pets, and waste materials are prohibited on the sand and water portion of swimming and other posted areas.


  • A responsible person must register and pay fees within a reasonable time after camp is established or when the fee booth opens. Check out time is 4:00p.m. Reservations sites will be available for occupancy when available, but no later then 5:00 p.m.
  • At Rend Lake the majority of sites are classified as single capacity sites, the only exception are designated family double sites, which are double capacity sites. The maximum number of campers per site is eight.
  • The total number of camping units for single capacity sites are limited to one recreational vehicle or trailer and three additional tents. If no recreational vehicle or trailer is on the site, a maximum of four tents will be permitted.
  • The total number of camping units for double capacity sites are limited to two recreational vehicles or trailers and six additional tents. If no recreational vehicle or trailer is on the site, a maximum of eight tents will be permitted. Campground roads and facilities are to be used by registered campers and their visitors only. Interfering with, or restricting the use of the shoreline by boaters or other lake users is prohibited.
  • All wheeled vehicles, including but not limited to mopeds, mini bikes, boat trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles, must be kept on camping pads registered to vehicle users or in designated parking areas. All motor vehicles must be parked lengthwise on the camp pad except at sites with irregularly shaped pads. Empty boat trailers may be stored on the grass provided that they are moved onto and off the grass by hand.
  • Picnic tables and lantern holders must remain on gravel surfaces at campsites with gravel impact areas.
  • To avoid tree damage, hanging lanterns are to be suspended a minimum of 8″ from the side of trees and 24″ from overhead limbs. Do not drive axes, nails, or other objects into trees.

Hunting and Fishing Rules and Regulations

  • All federal and State managed lands at Rend Lake are available for hunting except established recreation areas and the waterfowl refuge. These recreation and refuge areas include the areas around: North and South Marcum, North and South Sandusky, Dam West, Gun Creek, RLCD, Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, and the Wildlife Refuge. Bulletin boards at access lots have current information and regulations specific to Rend Lake.
  • Hunter-fisherman parking lots, some with boat ramps, are provided around the lake. Water fowlers will find registration boxes at access points during the waterfowl season. It is state law that goose and duck hunters sign in before hunting and record with harvest prior to leaving the area. All non-hunting areas are appropriately signed. A section describing the signage is below. All state game laws apply at Rend Lake as well as certain federal laws. Hunters should obtain copies of these rules and regulations as well as the current Administrative Orders when planning their hunting trip. Good planning and knowledge of the game laws makes for good hunting and good conversation.
  • Non-toxic steel shot is required for pheasant hunting at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park and for all waterfowl and dove hunting at Rend Lake.
  • Up to date and timely information on hunting and fishing opportunities is available 24-hours a day 365 days a year, through the Rend Lake Recreation Information Network. Weather forecasts and lake conditions are updated regularly. Information on seasonal fishing prospects and goose information, is also available. The Rend Lake Recreation Information Network can be accessed by tuning your car’s AM radio to 530 kHz.

Day Fees

A day use fee is collected at designated Corps of Engineers boat ramps. Day use fees also apply to swimming (must be paid before swimming) at the North Marcum and South Sandusky beaches. Standard fees are by per person or by car load.. Children, 12 and under, are admitted free to the beach. An annual day use pass for boat ramps and beaches may be purchased at Corps of Engineers offices. Persons with a Corps of Engineers camping permit are exempt from day use fees on any date for which the permit is valid. Golden Age and Golden Access Discounts apply to day use fees.

Information on this page may not be current and it is recommended that you contact the Rend Lake Corp of Engineers at 618-439-7430 for current information.