Day After Day – Camping at Rend Lake

Rend Lake’s campgrounds are open seasonally from April 1 through October 31.  Be sure to check the rules for the campground you are using for day use fees and special instructions.  On the side bar are links to each of the camping areas surrounding Rend Lake.  Below are the contact phone numbers for several resources.

Phone numbers related to Camping

Rend Lake Camping Information (877) 444-6777
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (618) 724-2493
Rend Lake Visitor’s Center (618) 439-7430
South Sandusky Campground (618) 625-3011
North Sandusky Campground (618) 625-6115
South Marcum Campground (618) 435-3549
Gun Creek Campground (618) 629-2339